Communications, Dissemination, Outreach and Exploitation

The dissemination and communication activities will be performed as a continuous process with a time line from the beginning of the project and will involve all consortium partners.


DTU will together with CENER establish how best to disseminate the project results with the partners of the consortium and publically.


Every effort will be made during the course of the project to disseminate information about the goals of the project, ongoing activities, progress, results and the potential benefits and opportunities afforded by the development of the project concept. A specific part of dissemination/outreach activities will possibly be subcontracted to a third party, including communication material (design, set-up and maintenance of the project website and the project identity to be used in all publishable media) and workshops. The consortium is currently in dialogue with the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) to take part on these activities and effectively help to disseminate project results with the involvement of the whole European area.

The dissemination and communication strategy will be defined to target different groups: stakeholders, policy makers, general public, scientific community (researchers and students), relevant industrial sectors, national and regional authorities.


Javier Sanz Rodrigo
Senior Researcher at Cener
17 JULY 2024