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New European Wind Atlas database

WP4 deals with the preparation and development of the NEWA database.



The main objectives for the two major tasks are:

  1. Prepare the NEWA database by defining the wind atlas output parameters based on a stakeholder analysis and a review of modellers and developers (Task 4.1), developing models for extracting siting parameters, extremes turbulences etc. from the wind atlas data (Task 4.2), and quantifying the uncertainty of the model chain (Task 4.4);
  2. Develop and set up the NEWA database (Task 4.5) including a suitable interface (Task 4.8).    

Beta and final production runs of the model chain are performed and the final database is established with the produced results.


Julia Gotschall
Senior Scientist at IWES Fraunhofer
17 JULY 2024