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Work packages on NEWA

State-of-the-Art in wind power meteorology is facing several research challenges that need to be overcome in order to decrease the uncertainty of wind energy production and wind conditions to less than 10%:

A main objective of the NEWA project is to fundamentally change the state-of-the-art during the course of the project by developing and introducing a new methodology for the assessment of wind conditions. The development will be based on dedicated large scale wind measurement campaigns, which focus on situations important for wind power utilization. The methodology to be developed will be validated by local measurements, and include detailed turbulence models; considering extreme winds, extreme shears, high wind variability, among other extremes. The development of such a highly accurate methodology represents the main challenge in the new Wind Atlas research project. The measurement campaigns which will form the basis for the development of the new methodology will for the first time make full use of new measurement techniques like the windscanner lidar system.


Jakob Mann
Professor og sektionsleder
DTU Wind
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Did you know?

That last time a European Wind Atlas was made - was in 1989 by Risø National Laboratory (DK) for the European Commission?

And that several of the researchers from then will also work on NEWA.
22 MAY 2024